Pricing is varied because of the custom nature of the work. Whereas, a small structure may cost under a $1,000., a larger project with many elements can run upwards of tens of thousands of dollars


Many factors can affect the final cost of the project. But generally, they will fall into three basic categories:


Design/Aesthetics: How detailed an item is, whether it’s a pergola, deck or gate can vary greatly, and can substantially affect the time it takes to build/complete an item. For instance; a traditional ornate design is generally more labor intensive than a simple contemporary design.


Engineering/Site Installation: The same deck and/or pergola on flat ground will of course, be easier to construct than if it were built on a hillside or on top of a roof/building. Similarly, a fence/gate on an unobstructed path will be infinitely easier than if the fence-line is blocked in by hedges/trees.


Materials/Hardware: Finally, the choice of materials, hardware and finishes, whether it’s wood (softwoods < tropical hardwoods, etc.), metal (powder-coated steel < stainless steel, etc.) or even an engineered product such as the many composites that are available, will vary greatly, and subsequently will also affect the final cost.


Of course, within each of the three categories there exists a scale that consists of higher priced options on the one end and lower priced options on the other. So for example, if you want a simple design (=lower cost) + softwoods (=lower cost) + difficult installation (=higher cost), you arrive at the overall cost of a project.


Additionally, much of what we do, especially our on-site work, has a base-line cost. For instance, whether it’s a small or larger project, certain factors; i.e. layout, site prep, staging of equipment, etc. remain constants.  Therefore, as the size increases, the sq. ft. price will often decrease: i.e. whereas a 100' sq. ft. deck might be $5,000. ($50. sq. ft.), the same deck at 500' sq. ft. may equal $20,000 ($40. sq. ft.) due to the 'economies of scale.

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